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Corona update

City Arkaden Klagenfurt

We are pleased that our gastronomy can reopen again

The following shops are open during the lockdown in the CityArkaden Klagenfurt and/or offer Click & Collect: current opening hours and Click & Collect options

*Please note possible deviations from the core opening time of the individual shops. Changes reserved at any time!

FFP2 masks throughout the center

Please continue to observe the FFP2 mask requirement throughout the center. Food and beverages are not permitted in the entire center during the lockdown.


Please observe the following measures in accordance with the ordinance of the Federal Ministry for Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection:

  • The so-called "3-G rule" applies to access to our catering areas, i.e. access is only permitted to vaccinated, recovered or tested people.
  • Proof is valid a vaccination certificate for vaccinated persons. The first vaccination must be at least 22 days, but not more than 3 months ago, or the second vaccination, which must not be more than 9 months ago, or in the case of vaccines for which only one vaccination is intended, this must not be longer than 9 months lag behind.
  • In case of recovered persons, a confirmation in accordance with Section 4, Paragraph 18 of the Epidemic Act or a separation notice, if this was issued for a person demonstrably ill with SARS-CoV-2 in the last 6 months before the planned test,
  • or proof of neutralizing antibodies, which must not be older than 3 months.
  • In case of tested persons, evidence is either a negative PCR test (must not be more than 72 hours ago) or a negative antigen test (must not be more than 48 hours ago) or, as a new variant, a negative antigen test for personal use (so-called . Living room test), which is recorded in an official data processing system and which must not date back more than 24 hours. The Ministry of Health will announce how the last-mentioned antigen test will be recorded for personal use.

Please note that the consumption of food and drinks is only permitted in the catering areas at the tables. Eating and drinking in the mall, the corridors and staircases of the center is still prohibited according to the ordinance of the Ministry of Health.

According to this ordinance, the catering operators are required to monitor and observe the above-mentioned access measures. In addition, other measures, such as distances between the tables, maximum number of guests per table, etc. must be observed. We would like to ask you to follow the instructions of the restaurant operators and their employees and to support them in the implementation of the measures mentioned.

The "3-G rule" listed above also applies to the use of body-hugging service providers, such as hairdressers.

The rule of 20 m²sales area per customer continues to apply both to the individual shops and to the CityArkaden Klagenfurt as a whole building. For body-hugging service providers, the rule of 10 m² sales area per customer applies. Individual shops, but also the entrances to the CityArkaden and the car park entrance, may therefore be temporarily closed if too many people are in the center at once. This is monitored by our electronic frequency counting system and our security service. As soon as visitors have left the center or the shop, the waiting visitors can enter. Please follow the instructions of our security staff, the staff of the center management as well as those of the shop staff in the shops.

We ask for your understanding now if we have to temporarily close when we reach the maximum number of people who are allowed to be in the center and the shops at the same time. We are obliged to do so based on the regulation.

The minimum distance of 2 meters to other people (unless they belong to the same household) or the sales staff continues to apply throughout the center.

As before, it is compulsory and correct to wear an FFP2 mask throughout the center. This mask may only be placed at the tables in the catering areas.

Please ensure that you keep a minimum distance of 2 meters in the queue and wear an FFP2 mask while waiting.

By complying with the measures, we always ensure your safety and ask you to support us. In this way we can guarantee a shared, secure shopping experience.

So that you can shop with us with confidence and visit the catering trade again, we have defined a variety of preventive measures to which we are committed:

  • Increased cleaning of frequently used touchpoints or surfaces such as door handles, escalator handrails, elevator buttons.
  • Our security service monitors compliance with official requirements and sensitizes center visitors to keeping their distance and wearing the FFP2 mask.
  • Notes on the use of elevators and escalators.
  • Reduction of the lingering areas by reducing seating or ensuring that the distance is maintained.
  • Sensitization of the resident shop partners to compliance and implementation of the official regulations.
  • Regular customer information through the center website, Facebook and Instagram.
  • Regular information to shop partners through leaseholder circulars.


We wish you a pleasant time in the CityArkaden Klagenfurt and we look forward to your visit together with our shops and restaurants.

Your CityArkaden Center Management